Pay it Forward

We’ve all had “those” days where we get out of bed and focus on the things we don’t want to do, and often set our day out on the wrong foot. Today was one such day for me, thinking about a full day of meetings, and anticipating a few “personality” challenges sure to test my patience and diplomacy skills to their limits.

I grudgingly marched out to the car, threw my stuff in, and drove off to Starbucks on my way into the office. Running through a mental list of the day’s activities, my concentration is broken when the barista shouts out “good morning Carrie!” with a beaming smile, looks at me with a puzzled look, and says that she doesn’t see my mobile order in the queue, so she quickly grabs a cup and moves into line so that I don’t have to wait.

As it turns out, my mobile order was in the queue, so I ended up with two coffees, but only charged for one . Not really sure what to do with the extra coffee, and knowing that I couldn’t possibly drink TWO venti quad shot lattes,  I carried them both into the office where I’m greeted by the receptionist with her usual cheerful hello and exclamation that it’s Friday Eve (Thursday). I ask her if she likes coffee, and she nodded enthusiastically that she did, so I explained the mix-up at Starbucks and offered her the bounty, which she eagerly accepted with a huge smile.

Suddenly, my mood and outlook on the day changed for the better, and the dread experienced earlier in the morning began to lift. The first meeting of the morning that I had expected to be quite challenging, ended up being very productive, and the “personality” that I was preparing to deal with was very pleasant and positive, unlike the various scenarios that had played out in my head.

The day continued along in the same way,  full of pleasant surprises, which leads me to wonder if it’s simply because kindness was paid forward, starting with the barista, the receptionist, and so on from there. I kind of think it was, but regardless, sometimes a simple act of kindness, generosity, patience, etc. can really make the difference in someone’s day, so when you experience it, please pay it forward.

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